Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Drivers Seat!

It has happened three times now.  They say that people who have passed on can attach themselves to a place or object or area. I never really gave it much consideration. Last night and today has convinced me. Or possibly I was wanting to be convinced. Either way I was not the first to notice it. My brother James was. Since he has been working on his pickup he has used Debbies Durango to run errands for both the shop and myself. Debbie loved her Durango. I will never part with it for that reason. Anyway last night he made a run into Llano to pick up some groceries and stuff for the both of us. Now the Durango had last been driven by myself on Friday and I always adjust the seat to fit me. Since I'm quite a bit taller then Debbie I'd have to pull the seat back and also adjust the height. Well James got into it last night and the seat was in the exact position that Debbie would have it in. This is three times this has happened and always her Durango. I have noticed a few things around the house but have let it go as a mere coincidence.  Tonight I went to brush my teeth after supper and noticed Debbies Toothbrush was wet. Now I last brushed my teeth early this morning so I know anything there would be dry by now. Can someone please explain to me how things like this can happen? I'm the only one in the house with the exception of Noon are cat and he doesn't brush his teeth on his own!

  Thats a thought to dwell on at least. I've never felt completely alone since she left but now I feel more like she has stayed very close!

 Maybe more later.

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