Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something Debbie and I had started on together.

Deb and I were told many months ago since working here at the feed store that we were family.  And Justin and Randy have gone out of their way to prove just that. So a few months ago I registered some domain names and today I finally was able to get one working. I say I but I mean a very good friend of mine and Deb's. Robert Link who is the one who spoiled our youngest son rotten with Dr Peppers and Oreo's when he was much younger! Now for those who do not know Rob. I have to explain a few things. Rob loves everyone. He has been a tremendous friend to so many. One time when he joined us down here in the Hill Country just NW of Austin I took him and our youngest to Walmart in Marble Falls. We walked in the door and Rob asked Tommy where the toys where. Tommy pointed and both! I mean Both took off running inside Walmart. I just tried to hide out somewhere. Now the reason I am telling this story is because if it had not been for Deb I would have never met such great friends or had such great children.

  My Life was so blessed and happy and shared with so many because I had Debbie as my wife.
Such a love cannot ever be forgotten! And Chris I know you love reading my stories and if you have some to share please do in comments. Also Stephanie and Tommy yall also have your own stories. Share so everyone knows what a special lady that Debbie Marie Arms truly was!

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