Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Better Day

     I've been working on a Harley Davidson for the past two weeks. Well Today I finished it. I actually feel like I am catching up on projects. I also feel the loss of Debbie every single moment. I can handle my duties but her just not walking in on me or me coming to the house for lunch and seeing her is still hard to get past. I talk to my family all the time. They can see I still hurt and I don't know if that ever goes away but they share memories with me and we have a good time still picking on each other. It is rare that Debbie doesn't come up in a conversation.

  Few people actually know the real Debbie or Sweetpuddin as I had met her. She was so amazing on how quick she could make friends and how children would love to be around her. That is one of the many reasons I know she watches out for us all now. Everyone deserves to be loved like I was and still feel I am by Debbie. She stuck by me through so many things that proved her love to me beyond anything I had ever even heard of before.

  So even though tonights post is short I hope and pray that everyone who reads this find that love that no words can describe.

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