Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not to say good bye. But until we all meet again!

I won't publish this and with my few followers most will never know.  I say to my Debbie that it has been and shall always be a privilege to have loved you. I kept my promise and will always hold a place in my heart just for you. But I know that you would have wanted me to move on. I have and knowing this and having prayed for guidance and directions because I certainly had no map that I have found someone. Someone that we both knew not well but enjoyed meeting her through her brother.  I guess there is a time and place for everything and everyone.  We have agreed to take the time and learn to really know each other. She nor I will rush into this. We will take the time to learn what each other wants and needs from each other and to work together.  My feelings for her are very strong. She has been hurt before and I can feel it when I simply hold her hand. So I will not rush her in anyways but some help from up there wouldn't hurt.  Deb I just wanted to tell you this. I want you to know that I keep all the things you have shown me and how you taught me to love.  I can no more predict how this new relationship will evolve much less then if the sky will be purple tomorrow. But I have the feeling that with work, honesty and compassion that all things shall work out as planned. I just wanted you to know this.  I have very strong feelings for this true Lady and I have dreamed of her before we started to really decide to explore our feelings for each other. This I needed you to know. So I bid you farewell and one day hopefully in the far future we all will meet again. It was my blessing, God Given that we had our time together and with his blessing once again that I will have a true love. God doesn't limit the time here on earth between a man and woman. God only gives us our free will to choose and be happy.

Wish me the Best.