Sunday, February 2, 2014

Something that I wanted to share.

Hey sweetie. I know its been awhile.  I haven't had much to say and I wanted you to know I still think about you every day.  Everyone tells me that its ok and I'm doing fine and maybe its time to move on. I know that is what you wanted for me and maybe I should but I wanted to make sure you are fine with all of this.
     See I feel you all around me and I know you pay attention. I felt you tonight when I was outside by myself and the breeze brought you back to me for just a moment.
    Curtis pulled  a stunt the other night. It was interesting to say the least. I know you will give him grief in your way even still.  It all ended up well.  Tonight was fun but still I looked for you.
     What I am asking is I suppose permission to move on. I have been assured from everyone that would be your wish but what I want is something more direct. However it comes. A breeze. Maybe a familiar scent. Even a sound of something familiar. I will know without a doubt when it comes to me.  You are my baby and my love and true soul mate. I will always love you. You alone can tell me when it is right.