Friday, October 24, 2014

Letter to Deb.

   Hey Baby,
  I'm not melancholy but slightly lost in my journey I suppose. I guess you have a pretty clear view of things from up there.  Even the great expanse that I see couldn't possibly compare.  All in all everything is going quite well.  But you know me and how left to my own devices how I can be,  I don't know but even when I talk to you when alone it doesn't seem to be as complete as it is when I write it down.  I wonder, One day will someone read these words even after I have been long gone understand the complex and undying relationship we have shared?  Or will they just look at it as an antiquated experiment that was a part of our generation.  I hope that maybe a lesson can be learned from it that shows even after death that love does go on and a life that was shared between two people really did matter.  Will they know how two can be a team that never fails? Or how two people can love so deeply and share in everything as much as we had. Anyways I just wanted to drop you a note. Know that I always think of you and will always keep you in my heart and mind. I love and miss you baby.

   Yours eternally

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

As Always.

It seems I will be going down this path alone. Well not really alone. I'll have many memories to take with me.  But I need these travels. I need to see if what I have imagined and written about do exist beyond my words and thoughts. If they do then it will be an amazing adventure. So I'll take this chance while I am still young enough to enjoy it and once completed old enough to share it. If it be the will of God and with the remembrance of Deb who shared in so many adventures in my life.