Friday, February 15, 2013


   Tonight I talked to our youngest. Well he isn't a child anymore. He is a grown man and I am so proud of him. Debbie would be happy that we talk quite a bit. He has grown into a fine young man. I had to cut it short but seems I wasn't needed after all. I could spend all night long talking to our kids. Debbie and I loved that. There was nothing more important in our lifes then our children. Now also our grandchildren.

  Grandchildren. Now that is something special! Neither Debbie and I have met either of our granddaughters.
We always thought we had more time. Seems we were wrong on that. I know that I will make time ASAP to do just that.

 I'm going to cut it short tonight. I am beat but I just needed to say that I love my kids with all my heart and that as always I will sleep with the thought of their Mom in my heart and that nothing can ever replace that.

 Good Night Sweetheart!
I Love you and carry you with me always and forever!

And one last thing. Tommy and Stephanie and Christopher are so blessed. They have a angel looking over them and nothing can ever take that way from them.

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