Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long Lonely Nights

     I have discovered that having hate in my heart does me no good and the ones I hate do not care. But the ones who I love care enough about me to keep me in their thoughts and prayers. All in all is has been a pretty good day but when I decide to close down whatever I am working on my thoughts always go back to my one and true love.

   Just when things get settled down and you start to relax there is always this expectation of relief that you feel coming on. I thought I had felt just that. Tonight certain things reminded me that I have just recently lost my best friend, My confidant and more importantly my one and only true soul mate. 

  Loosing Debbie has caused so much pain not only in my life which I would be selfish to only consider but the lives of my children and grandchildren.  Debbie had such a strong life force that you could not but be drawn into that.

 The more family and friends that I talk to have told me stories I was not even aware of that shows me the impact she had made in their lives. 

 It was back in 1997 that Debbie and I were finally able to have a vacation. We rented a car and drove from Kingsland Texas to Salt Lake City Utah.  Now that was a vacation! We saw and experienced so many things that she had never even thought about. I as a much younger man had seen many of these but had no appreciation of it. But our trip together! Now that was something. We had so many photos but they were stolen.  That happens when you have a evil brother in law which she has. Enough about that. Debbie and I had the best time and what I remember is what counts. Just that the photos would be nice. 

Just avoid carpet cleaners around Seabrook Texas that William James Berger Jr owns. Or Katherine Watson because I can and will provide proof of their actions!


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