Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Day Without You

Well I thought I would have more to post these last few days but it turned out that what I had to say was something I could just say it out loud and Deb would hear my words. I am sure she did. She doesn't mind me sharing our story with everyone but sometimes it still feels so natural to just talk to her.  I will do that always. I found out somethings lately that I have to think about.

   Those things I will share in due time. But I will tell yall this. I never doubted Debbies love for me and now I know that she had told so many others how much she loved me and would always stick by myside.

 So tonight I go to bed knowing what I had already felt but hearing words makes me realize how much I had it so great!

  I love you Deb and will always love you and think of you every second of every minute!
Your Husband!

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