Monday, March 24, 2014

I have looked down the road. It leads me to a new direction.

Well I probably knew it would happen.  I didn't know when and I did not have any clues. I wanted it to be with someone that I had feelings for.  She sure isn't making it easy. But I know she is also protecting herself.  I will always hold a spot in my heart for Debbie. She was my true love for so many years. Now there is a very Pretty Little Gal who is making me work for it. I do not blame her. She has had her ups and downs and was a very good friend to Debbie and myself. If Debbie could have chosen then this gal would be on top of her list. I only hesitate to name her because its not something that she is comfortable with.  I will always love Debbie in my own way. But I also know that she would want "Promise". Until Death due you part. I wish it hadn't come to that. I wish that she were here with us all. But God had made his choice to take her. And he left me with my choice. To stay alone or to take another. I choose the latter. I take one who I can prove that I can and will only love her and support her. And I will keep the "Promise" This I swear!

To that little gal!