Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One more day down.

I have three machines torn down. Parts for one will be ready for pick up in the morning. Others are special orders.

 Lately I fall asleep earlier and wake up many times during the night. Last night was definitely one of those nights that left me with sleep deprivation. I wake up tired and even though I am eating more then I was a couple weeks ago I cannot help but think it is partly due to diet. I also realized that I have been out of vitamins for at least a week or more. At my age that Centrum Silver really works well. Also I need to take care of alot of other things which have been put off.

  I wake every morning to the photo of Debbie on my computer and fall asleep with it every night. I suppose it will always be that way because I cannot help but think about her and feel her all around me. I had started a book many years ago which I read to my brother and sister in law most evenings. I actually got around to writing more and have been in contact with my editor and I feel fairly motivated to finish it. At least book 1 of ?

  I don't call home as much anymore either. Its not that I do that on purpose but I am settling into some kind of life on my own. It is something I never thought I would have to do. Deb told me from day one if she made a promise then she would always keep it. She promised to never leave me. Well I don't think I can hold that against her because it was not her fault. It was the fault of nobody. God simply needed her for whatever reason and who am I to ask him questions? Well one day I will but not now. He is pretty busy I am certain with planting the garden Debbie needs for her cooking and of course the kitchen up there has to be just right!

 I miss her and I cannot put into words how I feel this evening. I just want to wrap my arms around her. I want to kiss her cheeks and forehead and tell her everything will be alright.  For now I have to settle for her photos. I wish I had more of them. She just did not like her picture being taken.

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