Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Months and a Day

      I sleep a little better and feel somewhat better about life, love and just being here. The morning of January 10th remains vivid in my mind. What happened and what I could or did do and then finally the questions to myself.

    I have talked to others in my situation and the feelings are supposed to be normal.  Well I have been accused of many things but never normal.

   Having fallen in love with Debbie under the circumstances way back then was definitely not normal. It is these current days but was taboo back then. But I gave every single ounce of my love to her. we never had much and she never asked for more. If I could put it in words I would have to say that all she ever asked for was love! True, Lasting, Unending yet Everlasting Love. I think I gave her all of that and now I do question myself.

  Debbie was everything to me. Make no mistakes we had our arguments and she always won because sometimes a guy just has to give in so he can rest even if she was very wrong. There is nothing I would not give to change places with her because to me she earned a much better life and between the two of us she needed to be here more. I suppose this is the grand plan God has in mind.

  Debbie Arms will always live on in my heart and our childrens hearts and friends and extended family.

       To me it is never goodbye, It is only that we will see you later and not only do we love and miss you but   carry you with us always and to us you still live here even if only in thoughts and our dreams!

    So Baby Darling of Mine, Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

             Always Yours!

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