Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Awaiting an Answer

As in life somethings come quickly and others you just have to wait for.  I had it the greatest. Then it all ended way too soon. Or Did it? Life did not stop. Sure life threw up one hell of a crossroads for me.  Which way to turn or just go straight across?  I sure as hell did not know the answer. Hell at the time I did not have a clue. So I threw myself back into work. I started breathing easier. I started feeling alive again. I happen to be one to rush in and it has always worked for me but not for everyone else. So I want that one person to read this. I want her to understand that I live and love and give everything that I am. I will always remember all the wonderful times I have had in this life granted to me by God and will always take advantage of what he puts in front of me. Life is short and sweet and I know in my heart that those who I have loved and who have loved me understand this.
Goodnight and I hope everyone who reads this is well.


  1. I came to my own personal crossroads a few years back...I ought to write a blog, but you know what, I can't seem to gather my thoughts well enough to do that.

    I pray for you each day. I can't even imagine how you have felt these past months. All I can do is give you virtual hugs despite being in the same state. Maybe one of these days we will meet and talk over cups of coffee and a home cooked meal.

  2. Gal we each reach a certain point where we have to make choices. Some are very difficult. Its the choice we all have to make.