Thursday, March 7, 2013

Such a Beauty!

I have a lock of Debbie Arms hair in a envelope which I bring out each night and morning. Both Noon Arms and I rub it on our face just like when she was here. Noon knows the sound of the envelope and had been laying in the bed on Deb's pillow. He jumped down and ran over to me to make sure he didn't miss out. We both miss our sweetie and love her and always think of her. Good Night my beautiful Darling and we'll see you in our dreams tonight!

  That was copied from my facebook post tonight. Last night while laying down on the sofa and watching TV I caught the scent of her hair just as it would always smell right after she washed a dried it. She had naturally curly hair but used a blow dryer to straighten it. I still have her shampoo in the shower and only open it every now and then to get that scent. Last night I didn't have to open it. I feel she walked through the room checking on Noon and myself. 

   True love never dies. 

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