Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life gives us a chance!

I have read some of the most renowned books and/or literature over the years. I am one who certainly appreciates an author who reaches down in his or her soul to allow such words to come out. I have myself written for many years and now with so many asking me to continue I will do just that.

Remember just this part. My book is part fiction and fact. So go along with me and keep up. I only want that one day my true story is told and this like I said is part fiction and fact.

 So here is chapter one. Many have read much more but I will share this much just so you can see what it is in my mind!

   The old ford hummed right on key,We could barely hear the light tapping that was much louder before this oddessy began three states earlier. I had always enjoyed driving west,Endless miles of road with painted desert, cactus and nearly deserted towns hadn't taken but a few days. Both Debbie and myself felt a huge sigh of relief just leaving our past behind. What we did not yet know was how difficult our future was to become.

   Noon was laying in his usual spot between us. He was our constant companion for nearly 6 years now. His antics had kept us entertained and now we would need his companionship  but more importantly his much better senses.  One more small town to go where we would pick up enough supplies to last for a few months, Longer if needed. One last tankful of fuel away from what would become more then just a hideaway, It would become our shelter and security from a rapidly deteriorating society. My hobby of being a self proclaimed military history buff was to be our saving grace.

  We turn left off of the last paved road we will see for a very long time. I slow down to pause and take a look at a small rectangular concrete slab where a guard shack used to stand.
Looking out in front of us nothing appears present with the exception of a few abandoned hangers and the mountains behind them. For the next few weeks one of the offices in the largest hangar will be our home.

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