Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great Evening

            It seems so long ago but also just like this morning. I know I've said it before but its worth repeating.

   Tonight reminded me of something. And it is something very important to me. Life is precious so take advantage of it as best you can. Tonight I am doing just that. The best part is that even if things don't work out I have a beauty that will still be around. I am sitting here while wondering to myself if there is anymore I can do. I believe things happen for a reason. Nobody gets their way all the time and I have been very lucky in the past. I usually had a good feeling for how things would work out. Tonight I feel I have a 50/50 chance.

  So like when I continue to write my book I also think about how the book will change since I started it back in 2009. 4 years really isn't a long time to write a book I think. Call it writers block or some other distraction. My brother and sister in law have heard more then anyone else and many more have read parts of it.

 I guess the reason I am awake now while the beauty sleeps and I dare not disturb her. And yes many questions went through my mind but I think this is a first step and nobody can predict the future. I know I can't and what will become will just become when it happens or it will pass me by.

  Until then my friends, Goodnight!

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