Saturday, March 2, 2013

I should be writing in my book about impacts

Yep a book I started many years ago and everyone who has read parts wants more. I did actually a couple weeks ago writing more. I still have more of a story to tell. Tonight more then others I feel like I should share  this story. Its sort of short but something that does put a smile on my face. Woman more then men will understand it but I hope it shows to a certain special gal what it meant to me. So here goes.

  I can't remember the year as they have all passed by quickly. I do remember that Blue Ford Explorer hooked up to a twin Sea-Doo Trailer.  Debbies was on the trailer but I was practice racing with the Offshore   Team at the time. All I could see was Deb and a pretty gal who's name now escapes my mind(Just remembered it is Lisa)  calling me into shore so hands up so other racers knew I was out and I pulled up to the shore. Debbie told me it was time to go and with the look on her face I knew she was serious. Limey Rick  ( his nickname so no disrespect!) showed up as well. Well Lisa and Deb had my sweet little girl wrapped up in a towel and as a Dad I was about to go nuts until it was explained to me!  Well my little girl just wasn't that little anymore and her body decided to grow into a young lady that particular day. Movies make fun of it. I meant wives bitch about it and husbands deal with it. But my little girl?  My Best Buddy? No way in hell I tried to convince myself, Not my bestest friend and the light of my life. I was so wrong. So ski's loaded up we headed back home. My not so little girl was having cramps and did not know what to do and Deb crawled from the front seat to be with her. I stopped at walmart and just bought what I was told to.  That is a impact to me. I am certain alot of fathers have dealt with it. I am proud to say without reservation that I was not embarrassed to buy tampons for either my wife or daughter and now all these years later she has her own daughter which gives me proof that I did pretty good after all!

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