Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well its New Years Eve, Sheeze time flys by when you start getting older. Deb's on one of her rants. I suppose I need to rub her back or something to calm her down. No reasoning with her this time of year. Oh well I'm looking forward to tomorrow and on etc. Start a new construction job on Monday. More money which will help get this ole Pace Arrow in better shape. First gotta get my wife some new jeans, shirts etc. She always make sure I've got good clothes but trying to make her get some for herself is damned difficult to say the least. I might need to bring along help for that trip. Its warming up nicely right now. Pretty windy outside but there are still things I can do. I need to make a shelve and a couple other things. If I can pry myself from the computer long enough it might get done!

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