Friday, December 30, 2011

I received a overdue paycheck today. I work for friends who are much more like true family and we all waited with baited breath for this check to arrive. It hurt our Christmas celebrations and almost ruined our New Years. Thats ok now. DW and I went grocery shopping. Sam would be proud because we spent all of the check except for 30 bucks there. Well we certainly won't go hungry this week or next. Early next week should provide a even larger check which part will pay groceries, part for motor home stuff and lights, water etc. We've been fortunate that we have nearly free hookups. Long story but private. DW is asleep early again tonight. Second time this week so I get to watch movies that she does't like LOL. "Hunt for Red October" tonight for me. I love those sort of movies. I'm working tomorrow and didn't have time today to take photos but they are coming I promise. Well thats all for now. 
Well almost, I did dust off my book last night. I wrote two more chapters. I gotta get with my sis who I've selected to represent me. She doesn't put up with crap from anyone. Even me if you can believe that!

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