Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beautiful day. Got quite a bit done in a short amount of time.Considering the limitations imposed that I had no control over. Other then that I'm happy. Deb cooked a wonderful meal as usual. She's a bit under the weather so she went to bed early tonight. I'm contemplating getting back to the book I've been writing on and off for a few years.Tomorrow when I get the paycheck after groceries are bought and DW is happy I'll see whats left over and spend a few dollars on the Pace Arrow. Bottom of my feet are starting to itch and I think I got this from my father.He just couldn't seem to stay put in one place. DW doesn't care as long as we're together and fed. For those who don't know us my wife (DW) otherwise known as Deb and I have a cat. Or maybe he has us, We haven't yet figured it out. He is a half North American Bobtail. He's huge and on a diet right now. We estimate his weight at about 24-25 lbs. He sleeps with Deb most of the time at night but likes to climb in my lap when I'm home. Right now he's up on the dash of the motor home and looking out at the stars. I think he's ready for a trip too. If possible I'll post a photo of him tomorrow. We'll thats about it tonight. Goodnight from West Texas!

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