Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tonight I find myself thinking of Debbie. Wait! Thats not entirely true. I think of her every single night. Even when I have company or busy during the day. How can someone who you are certain is now walking with Jesus isn't still with you at the same time? Deb is my angel and now is a angel in heaven I have no doubt. I know I should not ask why but still with what happens in these days and times I have to wonder why she was taken at such a young age away from me and our children? Nothing about it seems fair. Debbie meant so much to so many and I cannot even begin to understand. Perhaps its not for me to understand but the loss is so great and the heartbreak is almost more then I can bear. I have to wonder and worry. I love her so much that the pain is almost more then I can stand. I do it for our children. I have discovered that no other can ever take her place and I am comfortable in that. I will wait until we are back together and no matter how long it takes I will always love and think of her each and every single day. I love you Baby and I wish I could hold you in my arms right now. Those who wronged you will pay! This I swear!

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