Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Long Night.

As always I think of my wife. Debbie was not just a wife she was truly my partner. In everything I wanted to do she supported me. The most amazing woman I have ever met. Deb never feared the risks I took nor would she say she did not like it. Deb supported me in ways that even to this day most men would say " I cannot do that because my wife said no". Instead Debbie would tell me that that I needed to be careful. Every single morning she told me that when I walked out the door. A simple two word saying. "Be Careful"
We did not have to have another word after that. We had already kissed, We had already hugged, Everything else waited until I was home!

I knew that she waited for me to come home. What she thought about while I was away I can only go by what she told me. Some days she was missing me and some days she watched over a excellent child who I will not mention here.

Tonight I think of her as I always do. For those who have never experienced loss like this all I can say is that I pray that you do not. It by far has been the hardest thing I have ever been through! To this very minute I think of Debbie and wish she was right here beside me. I can walk unto the floor where she died and called out my name. I can still smell her hair and feel holding her. I have felt that.

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